The Govt. Industrial Training Institute for Women Sector 11 C, Chandigarh, is a well known institute in the tricity of Chandigarh  which is engaged imparting latest and modern training to the women students. The training enables the students to get employment immediately after passing their courses and enable them to stand on their own feet. Some are encouraged to open their own business houses/ industry after taking loans from the banks under Mudra Scheme of Govt. of India. Keeping in view the popularity of the courses and to encourage the weeker sections of  Society residing in Chandigarh, the Municipal Corporation, Chandigarh came forward to sign an agreement with this Institute to trained at least 400 students per year in batches of six months each. As the MC, Chandigarh is paying Rs. 2500/- as stipend and Rs 1500/- for Tool Kit to each student besides offering totally free training to the students and even helping the passed outs to secure jobs in various industry/ organizations, hospitals and offices etc. These courses have become so popular that the booking for the next batches starts much before the dates of start of these courses. Under COE Scheme, the courses being offered to the public are namely, i) WEB DEVELOPER, ii) MEDIA DEVELOPER, iii) UI DEVELOPER, iv) ACCOUNTS EXECUTIVE, v) MEDICAL RECORDS AND HEALTH INFORMATION TECHNICIAN, vi) GENERAL DUTY ASSISTANT, vii) CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT.